ATTA Air Transport & Tourism Advisors
Air Transport & Tourism Advisors (ATTA) Provides focused advice on aviation and Tourism


Our consulting capabilities in the area of airport development and up-gradation include: 

  1. Airport Master Planning
  2. Site Selection
  3. Topographical Surveys and preparation of Obstacle Charts and Grid Map
  4. Airport zoning (Control of obstacles outside the airport in co-ordination with local municipality/state govt.)
  5. Designing of Runways, Taxiways and Parking Apron
  6. Visual Aids
  7. Nav Aid and CNS Facilities, Airport Fire & Rescue Services
  8. Monitoring & Execution of airport projects
  9. Consortium  Formation and arranging financial tie-ups
  10. Airport Marketing
  11. Writing and approval of Airport Operations Manual, Airport Safety Management System and Airport Security Programme.
  12. Assistance in Operation of Airports and Fixing Airport  Management Problems
  13. Market Researchand Demand Forecasting
  14. Developing Business Plan
  15. Coordinatingregulatory issues with DGCA, BCAS, MOCA and Airports Authority of India/ANS Service Provider
  16. Regulatory Permits/Airport Operating License

We offer advisory services by sound experts drawn from the industry veterans in airport development and operations. We are proud to have worked for leading infrastructure including airport developers like IL & FS, Feedback Ventures, IRB Infrastructure Developers, STUP Consultants, Uttarakhand Infrastructure Project Company and Reliance Infrastructure.

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