ATTA Air Transport & Tourism Advisors
Air Transport & Tourism Advisors (ATTA) Provides focused advice on aviation and Tourism

Domestic/Regional Airlines

  1. Air Service Development Strategies
  2. Destination potential and route viability
  3. Revenue Analysis
  4. Traffic Forecasting & Surveys
  5. Airlines Security, Operations, Flight Safety, SMS, Cabin Crew Training, RVSM, PBN, MNPS Manuals
  6. Selection of aircraft
  7. Import and Leasing of aircraft
  8. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  9. Developing Business Plan
  10. Financial tie ups

We have offered services to the following clients :

1. SpiceJet
2. GATI – Cargo domestic airline
3. Star Aviation – First airline to get the license under regional airline
4. Air Costa – Vijaywada based regional airline
5. SRS Aviation Pvt. Ltd.                                

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